Put Some Skin in the Game

Your Call Football offers multiple contests and chances to win prizes for both novices and hard-core football fans and sports gamers.  In addition to the team match-up on the field, YCF fans can compete directly based on their play-calling skill in a game within the game.   

Ways to Compete

  • Single player: Fans with the top play-calling score for each game or season advance through levels and win cash prizes.
  • Head-to-Head Challenges: Challenge friends and rivals to H2Hs to win bragging rights and prizes.
  • Leagues: Join and create one game or season-long leagues with up to 20 participants for stack rankings and a chance to win more prizes.

How Do You Stack Up?

Your play-calling score measures your performance as a play caller.  It is calculated after each offensive play, based on 3 factors: FieldScore, Coach Pick Bonus, Against the Grain.



  1. FieldScore: How your play performed from an on-field, statistical standpoint. You are rewarded (or penalized) based on the success of your play.  See detailed point values on the Information screen.
  2. Coach Pick Bonus: If your play choice lines up with the Coach’s, you receive a bonus of 2 points.  The Coach Pick bonus applies regardless of whether the play call is the majority run play call.
  3. Against The Grain:  Your play wasn’t run, and you didn’t vote with the Coach, but the play run on the field had a negative result. Maybe you had the right call after all?  In this instance, you are rewarded three points.

YCF Coins and the YCF Bank

YCF coins are the in-game currency.  You can earn coins lots of different ways, like H2H wins, leveling up, inviting friends, or earning badges for special play-calling achievements. 

Redeem your coins for a range of valuable non-cash prizes, like merchandise, tickets, sweepstakes entries and charitable donations.  Coins can also be redeemed for unique league experiences—for example, submit a play to the playbook, dictate a single play on your own regardless of majority vote, participate in the draft, vote for a team name or mascot.

The YCF app will be available in late 2017.  Get ready for a whole new fan experience.