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Your Call Football (YCF) is a one-of-a-kind, high quality, professional  football league with a key differentiator—fans call the plays. YCF’s patent-pending technology, the YCF System, transforms professional football into a participatory, social, and competitive experience. The YCF System employs state-of-the-art technology that allows all football fans—in-stadium, homes, and bars—anywhere in the world, to watch a YCF game, download the YCF Fan App on their mobile devices, and call the plays in real-time. Then, the winning fan-selected play is executed by the players on the field. 


YCF will capitalize on the overwhelming popularity of football, the growth of fantasy football and online gaming, and the increasing demand for audience participation in entertainment by uniquely placing fans in the center of the action. With more than 129 million NFL fans – 33 million who play fantasy football – and more than 32 million sports gamers, YCF’s initial marketing efforts will focus on the 65 million fans who want the ultimate fan control and experience during a live game. YCF will ensure a quality on-field product by tapping the more than 2,700 Division 1 players who go undrafted every year and the coaching staff associated with those programs.


YCF’s offering is complimentary to today’s professional football, allowing NFL fans to expand their football experience. YCF will differentiate itself from other sports and entertainment properties with:

  • GAMING OPPORTUNITIES – Fans will directly influence a live game through a competitive, social, skill-based system. Fans will access game within the game features that allow them to set up head-to-head challenges with other fans and compete in game, and season-long, leagues for cash and prizes based on their play-calling skills (YCF has developed a proprietary algorithm that calculates a fan's play-calling skill).
  • INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY – YCF’s patent-pending, scalable, and tested system will integrate all constituents in live games and also during non-game times to engage in social and competitive gaming features.
  • HEALTH & SAFETY COMMITTEE (HSC) – The HSC, a first-of-its-kind in professional sports, will: set health & safety policy; research and apply the latest health and safety options for athletes; tap medical experts in the fields of neurology, spine, & cardiac and offer players options when it comes to advances in preventative treatments.  



YCF’s sustainable advantage stems from four core areas:

1.     TECHNOLOGY: YCF has a patent pending on the YCF System. Over the past three years, the YCF team has built a working system; conducted high-volume infrastructure load testing; performed multiple scrimmages; and, run several quantitative and qualitative surveys and tests with fans for feedback on the product and experience.

2.     GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES: YCF will define the future of sports and entertainment and will pursue additional opportunities in the following areas: 1) Data & Analytics – The YCF System database includes valuable information detailing online fan behavior and demographics that can be used for effective, targeted advertising; 2) Existing Professional Sports – YCF technology can be extended to other professional sports teams, helping them to attract, engage, and retain fans; 3) TV and Entertainment – TV and entertainment properties can license YCF technology to offer real-time participation to viewers; and 4) Politics – Political pollsters can benefit from the interactive and participative aspects of YCF technology in gauging candidates potential for winning an election.

3.     EXPERTISE: YCF has assembled a world-class team that includes a deeply experienced founding core, and a group of expert consultants in the areas of law, professional football, marketing, and finance. It has also tapped successful senior executive advisors from the worlds of technology, business, and entertainment.

4.     HEAD START: The YCF team has a head start in successfully launching this revolution already having: completed football the YCF Constitution & Bylaws, Football Operations, and Rulebook; researched and assessed stadium feasibility and detailed a financial model, developed a technology roadmap, football schedule, and football team organizational structure.



YCF has developed a detailed financial model for pre-launch and launch operations. The model includes the total revenue opportunity, as well as detailed annual budgets. YCF’s revenue opportunity comes from: annual subscriptions to the YCF experience and mobile advertising. The YCF System is the key differentiator and catalyst for revenue generation.