Competitive Football

Hungry for competitive football during the post-season doldrums?  Your Call Football's inaugural season will kick off after the Super Bowl in 2018. 

High Caliber Professional Football

YCF will deliver the quality football you're used to by taking advantage of the 2,700 Division 1 players who go undrafted and the countless coaches from quality college programs looking for an opportunity to coach at the next level. YCF will also tap former NFL coaches and players. The inaugural year will have 2 teams, with 45 players each, with the opportunity to add more teams in future years.  These professionals will be paid competitive salaries and bonuses, unmatched by other league start-ups, in order to guarantee excellent players and on-field performance.

YCF's Due Diligence

YCF has carefully researched the failures of previous football leagues. These leagues failed due to:

  • Decentralized organizational structure 
  • Poor quality of play due to financial constraints on player salaries
  • Secondary markets with limited facilities, fans, and therefore eyeballs

YCF will operate for success with:

  • Centralized Operations – YCF will organize itself as a single-entity to ensure quality and consistency in personnel management, technology deployment, marketing, and cost control during the start-up years. 
  • Geo-Universal Fandom – Teams will not be identified by geographical area and, therefore, are not bound by secondary market size, limited potential fan population, or narrow broadcast interest. YCF will build a fandom with primary allegiance to the league and to the game. YCF is Fan Freedom!
  • A Diversified Revenue Model – YCF’s revenue model will first focus on annual subscription fees, capitalizing on the popularity and growth of paid gaming applications. These subscription fees will be comparable to popular software games and online streaming properties. Secondary revenue streams will include paid leagues, sponsorships, advertising, ticket sales, gaming revenue and merchandise.
  • Health and Safety Committee – YCF will focus on the safety of its players. It will be the first professional sports league to have an independent Health and Safety Committee (HSC) as part of its start-up organization. The HSC will incorporate the latest technology, in key areas like helmets, to set health and safety policy and oversee administration of the policy throughout the league. 

YCF will deliver outstanding football and a fan experience like no other, a difference you can sum up in four words—Fans call the plays!

YCF League rules

YCF will operate under similar rules to the NFL with the exception of:

  • 45-second play clock: To allow time for fan voting, the YCF play clock will extend the standard 40 second play clock by 5 seconds. 
  • Restrictions on the no-huddle offense: To ensure the integrity of fan voting, teams will not be able to move to the no-huddle offense as an offensive strategy.
  • Limited Kickoffs.  All offensive drives will start from the 20 yard line except when the kicking team declares an onside kick.
  • Checks and Balances: A new member of the referee crew, The Play Calling Referee, will ensure that every play matches the fan call and keep track of overrides for both teams. 

YCF Football Operations Rules are available upon request.

The YCF app will be available in late 2017.  Get ready for a whole new fan experience.