Your Call, Inc.
Product Facts

Name of product: Your Call Football (YCF)  

Version: Pre-Release

Platforms: Availalbe in the iOS and Google App Stores


What it is

Your Call Football is the first-ever live professional football game where fans call the plays in real time from their mobile device.

  • Two YCF-owned teams match up bringing professional players, coaches and refs together for quality football.
  • Using the patent-pending YCF System, coaches select three play choices from a tablet, fans vote for their pick within the app, and the coaches/players receive the winning play and execute it live on the field.
  • YCF also delivers a game within a game, where fans earn points based on the success of their play-calling skill and compete with each other head to head or as part of a league for cash prizes and rewards.



Live Football: To deliver real, competitive, quality football, YCF is drawing from the more than 2,700 Division 1 college players who don’t get drafted by the NFL, but who would relish the opportunity to play for a professional team. YCF has developed a constitution and bylaws, and a complete rule book to ensure high-caliber, quality football.  The rules of the game are the same as the NFL, except the play clock is extended to 45 seconds to allow for fans to vote on the upcoming play and for substitutions to be made on the field. In its inaugural year, two teams will play 10 games at a rented/leased stadium that is outfitted with the appropriate technology to run the YCF System.

 Innovative Technology: Via the app, fans will be able to access the schedule for upcoming YCF games, create leagues and other contests with their friends, select teams, research the best game plans, and participate as a ‘fan coach’ in a real, live YCF football game. During a game, fans will select plays, check their rank on the leaderboard, and earn YCF coins based on their skill and performance. And between games and seasons, fans will keep up-to-date with the YCF players and coaches, participate in YCF Trivia, and interact with other YCF fans.

 Interactive Fan Competition: Fans will earn points when their play is selected and performs well on the field, and when their choice lines up with the coach’s pick they will receive bonus points. Fans will compete with each other in various contests like head-to-head challenges or as part of a game or season-long league. Fans can redeem their YCF coins for merchandise, such as YCF gear, as well as tickets and promotional activities like hanging with the coaches/players or submitting a play to the playbook. 



Quality Football. Delivering high-quality football during the off-season gives fans more of what they love. With professional players, coaches and refs, YCF gives fans an exceptional football experience paired with the control of calling the plays.

 Interactive Live Sports. YCF will connect sports, technology and gaming in a new way, providing a richer, more engaging and fulfilling viewer experience. Fans will have access to the game anywhere in the world from their mobile devices by downloading the app, YCF. Fans will also watch in person, on television or online. The YCF Fan App allows for the ultimate experience -- at home, at the bar, on the road or in the stadium -- tailored to the screen of the fan’s choice.

Participatory & Competitive Gaming: For the first time, fans will be able to control the outcome on the field -- fan controlled competition. The  game within the game adds another layer of competition, with multiple game- and season-long contests.


Who it's for

YCF appeals to a wide array of people. Fans who want live, connected, social experiences… fans who crave more football … fantasy players who love the convergence of technology and a real game… gamers who like to earn points… tech enthusiasts who can experience a new way of applying technology… and social players out with friends, wanting to get in on the action (similar to a trivia night).


Free Inaugural Season

YCF's Inaugural season will be free for fans, with unlimited play-calling, head-to-head challenges and a score that persists from game to game. In future years, a subscription fee will give fans:

  • Unlimited play-calling and persistent scoring from game to game.
  • Access to participate in three levels of contests: H2H, game leagues and season long leagues.
  • The ability to win cash prizes and rewards, as well as wager for cash in states where it is legal.


YCF System.png

Technology Foundation

YCF has developed and tested the entire YCF system with more than 500 fans, former NFL and college players and coaches, referees, and application developers. The company has conducted numerous qualitative and quantitative tests, from 1:1 to large groups and live scrimmages. The patent-pending YCF system includes five parts:

  • The Admin Module (Referee Application) manages YCF games from start to finish.
    • YCF uses the application to set the time of each game, start games, trigger the play-calling cycle, and notify fans of the winning play.
  • The Coach Management Module helps the coach manage the team and players, the playbook, and keeps the coach connected to the fans.
    • It allows coaches to pick and offer three play options to fans for each play and to immediately see the winning play selected by fans. It also allows coaches to manage everything about a team – rosters, scouting, training and playbook features.
    • The playbook gives coaches a place to create any play they want, to organize each play by any attribute, and to create installs, scripts, and game plans for any situation. Also, built-in features like analytics allow coaches to understand the performance of all plays by situation, package, and player.
  •  The Fan Application is what consumers will download to allow them to call the plays.
    • Fans can view the schedule for upcoming YCF games, create leagues and other contests with their friends, select teams, research the best game plans, monitor and track their score on the Leaderboard and within their selected contests, and participate as a fan coach in real, live YCF football games.
    • During the game, coaches input three play choices based on the field situation to the YCF Fan Application.  Fans have ten seconds to tap on the play they would like to see run. The YCF System will record the “most-voted play” and send an instant notification to the coaches/QB to execute that play on the field. Fans will receive notification of the winning play when players are at the line of scrimmage.
    • The entire process happens live, within the framework of a 45-second play clock. Fans receive points for how the play is executed on the field and rack up YCF coins based on performance.
    • After the game, they can check their performance on the Leaderboard, redeem their coins for YCF merchandise, study game analytics and set their next game plan—all while interacting with the YCF coaches, players, fans, and friends.
  • The Gamecast Module manages the play of the game.
    • It integrates seamlessly with the stadium game clock, play clock, down, distance, and possession.
    • It communicates real-time game status to the entire YCF system.
    • The Gamecast module can also send additional updates including game details, timeouts, injuries, stoppages, charts, and custom messaging to keep the YCF Fan connected to the game, whether they are watching on a big screen or not.
  • The Score Module tracks the game within the game, or how well fans call the plays, with its proprietary scoring algorithm for ‘on field play execution.’
    • The patent-pending score module integrates seamlessly with the entire YCF system and once a fan-selected play is executed on the field it generates a score that is automatically calculated and sent to the fan app.
    • Fans rely on the score module to determine where they stack up on the YCF Leaderboard, if they are winning or losing head-to-head challenges, as well as how they are faring in their various game or season-long leagues.  

Contact: Julie Meringer, President, Your Call, Inc.