YCF’s Game Within the Game

In addition to the on the field match-up, you can compete directly in YCF's 'Game within the Game'.   How good a coach are you?  Find out with your CoachScore (CS), which measures your performance as a play caller. Earn CS points over the course of each play based on three factors:

1.     FieldScore: How your play performed from an on-field, statistical standpoint. You are rewarded (or penalized) based on the success of your play. Link to FieldScore Overview (see below).  Link to FieldScore Values table (see below)

2.     CoachCall Bonus: If your play choice lines up with the coach’s, you receive a bonus of 2 points per same play call.  The CoachCall bonus applies regardless of whether the play call is the majority run play call.

3.     Against The Grain:  Your play wasn’t run, and you didn’t vote with the coach, but the play run on the field had a negative result. Maybe you had the right call after all?  In this situation, you are rewarded one point to your CoachScore.


Ways to Compete in the Game within the Game

  • Single player: Fans with the top CoachScore for each game, weekend, season win cash prizes.
  • Head-to-Head Challenges: Challenge friends and other fans to a H2H competition.  Wager FanCoins or cash and set your own reward.
  • Standard and Custom Leagues: Choose between the standard YCF H2H format league or a custom league where you set the rules and format.


FanCoins are YCF’s in-game currency.  Rack up FanCoins through active fan participation:

  • Calling plays
  • Creating H2H Challenges
  • Creating or joining leagues
  • Inviting friends to join YCF



  1. Prizes such as tickets, merchandise, and gift cards
  2. Unique YCF experiences (eg, submit a play to the playbook, dictate a single play on your own, participate in the draft …)


FieldScore Overview

  • A fan’s CoachScore can only change when their team is on offense.
  • All penalty results, including first downs, yardage gained, and yardage lost, will factor into FieldScore.
  • Return yards do not factor into FieldScore (includes fumble returns, interception returns, punts, kickoffs, blocked punts, etc.).
  • There will be no changes in a user’s CoachScore when their team is returning a kickoff or punt.
  • Both punts and field goals count toward CoachScore
  • A single play may (and often will) include multiple events (link to FieldScore Values)

FieldScore Values

Table Cell Table Cell
Table Cell Table Cell