How was Your Call Football (YCF) conceived?

YCF founder, George F. Colony, is a technology visionary and documented this concept more than ten years ago while hosting an event with marketing executives.

What is unique about Your Call Football?

The key differentiator and unique attribute is the Your Call Football Software System. The system is a patent-pending technology that allows all constituents in a live football game—coaches, players, referees, and fans—to be integrated into and participate in the play-calling process of a live football game.


Why YCF?

YCF will revolutionize the sports and entertainment industries with the merger of gaming, fantasy football and reality entertainment to create a unique offering.

What is the actual addressable market?

The overlap of individuals who play fantasy football and football video games is 65 million – a primary target for YCF at launch.  There are over 130 million fans of professional football -- offering large growth potential within this audience, including the more casual fan.

What is YCF’s market penetration plan and timeline?

Your Call Football anticipates capturing roughly 20% of our target market penetration by year five. This estimate is extremely conservative given the abundance of fans utilizing mobile technology in both sports and entertainment properties.


What is special about the YCF technology platform?

The YCF system uses a cutting-edge platform to manage voting incredibly fast, in vast numbers, and in rapidly scalable ways that deliver performance and cost control. The core components can be applied to sports and non-sports experiences.

What types of technology is YCF utilizing?

YCF utilizes Node.js—an asynchronous processing platform specially designed for mobile messaging.  In addition, the system uses Amazon Web Services (AWS), Mongo DB, Soasta, Web Sockets and Rabbit MQ.

Will the App Store and Google Play manage payments for YCF?

All fan payments will be executed through a third-party payment processor other than the App Store or Google Play. Apps that offer any type of wagering must be free on the App Store, per the store’s guidelines.

Marketing and Customer Acquisition

What initial technology investments will YCF make in its stadiums?

High-volume, redundant internet connections, flexible WiFi, powerful cellular repeaters, a reinforced local network, modern stadium jumbotrons/monitors and more.

How does YCF plan to market its products or services?

A dedicated team will work with an outside agency to design and implement all advertising, from social to traditional to digital. YCF has allocated $12 million for marketing programs in year one of league operations, with an emphasis on digital/search/social.

What is the estimated cost-per-customer in the acquisition model?

YCF has modeled various customer acquisition scenarios. It varies based on word-of-mouth marketing, but is between $17 and $30.

Intellectual Property

What intellectual property does Your Call Football have?

YCF has a patent pending for the YCF system, a copyrighted business plan and software, 11 trademarks and domain names, and other social tags secured.


How will Your Call Football make money?

YCF will sell annual subscriptions ($9.99 per subscription), mobile advertising, sponsorships, broadcast rights, tickets, and merchandise.

What are Your Call growth expectations?

YCF has the potential to generate more than $300 million in revenue.

What are Your Call’s three-year projections?

3-Year: $218 million in revenue, $21 million EBITDA (10% margin), $18 million net income (8% margin).
5-Year: $521 million in revenue, $163 million EBITDA (31% margin), $144 million net Income (28% margin).

How much equity and debt has Your Call raised and what is the capitalization structure?

The current founder has invested more than $3 million of his money. Capitalization structure documentation is available upon request.

What is the planned use of funds in the future?

YCF plans to focus on hiring, football operations, software development, stadium technology, and marketing programs.