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Based in Newton, MA, Your Call, Inc. (corporate entity) puts fans in control of live games, transforming the spectator sport of football into an interactive, social and competitive experience with its offering Your Call Football (YCF). Privately held, the company’s leadership team is comprised of experts from the technology, sports and media industries. Your Call Inc.’s proprietary patent-pending technology will deliver the world’s first fan-controlled, live sports programming. 


2013 by industry luminary George F. Colony

Total Employees

Three full-time employees and a group of expert consultants


Privately held and solely funded by founder, George F. Colon 

61 Chapel St, Newton, MA 02458 





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President: Julie Meringer.

Ms. Meringer is a 25-year veteran of the technology industry. She has vast experience building companies, products, and teams as she was one of the original members of Forrester Research, Inc. She is responsible for the strategy and day-to-day operations of YCF.

Investor Strategist: George Hornig, Esq. 

Mr. Hornig is currently serving as an executive advisor to YCF CEO and Founder, George Colony. In his capacity, he is responsible for advising on the investment and fundraising activities to launch YCF. Mr. Hornig has led the operations of several large financial services companies including Wasserstein Perella, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank. Most recently, he has served as a Senior Managing Director at PineBridge Investments (formerly AIG Investments).

Vice President Marketing and Football Strategy: Sue Develin.

Ms. Develin is a 20-year veteran of the sports and digital marketing industries.  With experience on both the agency and client side, Ms. Develin has built sports marketing teams, developed multi-media sponsorships and designed and executed digital marketing campaigns for many clients, including AT&T, Neiman Marcus and Gillette.  Her role at YCF is to strategize and operationalize the product to produce quality football for the fans.


Finance and Strategy: Susan Maffei, Esq.

Ms. Maffei is a 30-year veteran legal, finance, strategy, and operations executive. Ms. Maffei was CFO, general counsel, and vice president of operations for Forrester Research, Inc. from 1993 until 2002. Since then, she has worked as an employee of and consultant, advisor, and board member to start-up technology companies including an early social network for public radio.

Sports Law Expert: Michael McCann, Esq.

Mr. McCann is a renowned sports law expert. He is founder of the Law and Entertainment Law Institute at the University of New Hampshire and is chief legal analyst at Sports Illustrated. Mr. McCann is a critical resource on all matters related to the legality of football operations, the role of the players, the rules, and the overall constitution and bylaws of YCF.

Football Front Office Expert: Marc Riccio, Esq.

Mr. Riccio spent more than 17 years with the New York Jets in various front office activities around business and team affairs. He was instrumental in generating revenue as well as working on their new stadium. He currently supports YCF by vetting the firm’s revenue assumptions against market realities.

Football Operations Expert: Lloyd Richards.

Mr. Richards spent more than 20 years at the college and pro level as a scout and in various football operations roles. He spent several seasons as the Head of Football Operations for the Houston Texans. Mr. Richards is currently an executive for the Houston 2016 Super Bowl Host Committee. Mr. Richards has researched and validated all aspects of football operations for YCF as well as stadium and other facility assumptions. 


Mission Statement




Your Call Football is revolutionizing the way fans experience professional football, creating a new paradigm for viewer-interactive live television/sporting events. Unlike social TV, fantasy sports, or video games, Your Call Football allows all fans to call the plays. The company is connecting sports, technology and gaming in a new way, providing a richer, more engaging, fulfilling and interactive fan experience.


YCF is the first-ever live professional football game where all fans call the plays in real time from their mobile device.

·       Two YCF-owned teams match up on a weekly basis bringing professional players, coaches and refs together for quality football.

·       Using the patent-pending YCF system, coaches select three play choices from a tablet, fans vote for their pick within the app, and the coaches/players receive the winning play and execute it live on the field.

·       YCF also delivers a game within a game, where fans earn points based on the success of their play-calling skill and compete with each other head to head or as part of a league for cash prizes and rewards.







The patent-pending YCF system includes five parts:

  • The Admin Module manages YCF games from start to finish.
  • The Coach Module helps the coach manage the team and players, the playbook, and keeps the coach connected to the fans.
  • The Fan Application is what consumers will download to allow them to call the plays, compete and win.
  • The Gamecast Module manages the game casting of the live game on the fan app.
  • The Score Module calculates and tracks the game within the game, or how well fans call the plays, with its proprietary scoring algorithm for ‘on field play execution.’ 

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Professional Football, Financing & Strategy: Randy Vataha and Robert Caporale, Game Plan, LLC.